With Barack Obama being inaugurated as President of the United States tomorrow, I have a few concerns regarding the moral fabric of American culture.  It is my understanding that as President, Obama will be eliminating the teaching of abstinence from the public school system.  He will also be providing an open season for women seeking abortion.  Despite choosing Rick Warren as the main pastor, I am certain that Obama will be making amends with homosexuals by legalizing their marriage in all 50 states.  The family values that our founding fathers worked so hard to be a part of America is being diminished. 

As a conservative Christian, I will not be at any rallies or protests because that is not where Jesus would be.  He would be with the sinners and lovingly confront them of their wrongdoings.  I will, however, be keeping in touch with my senators and representatives by supporting such organizations as the American Family Association, National Rifle Association, as well as pro-life and abstinence groups.  In the near future, I will be further explaining my views on these issues taken from a Biblical perspective.  As of right now, I find it interesting that fellow Christians maintain a moderate to liberal viewpoint within the political system.  I will be praying for those people, for Obama to seek proper guidance before making decisions, and for this world in general.