In the beginning, Adam and Eve had a childlike trust toward God for Him to decide what is right or wrong.  After they ate from the tree in the middle of the garden, moral relativism began.  In Genesis 3, Eve talked to the snake about God instead of talking to God like she and Adam were used to doing.  We read in Genesis 3:5, “God knows that if you eat the fruit from that tree, you will learn about good and evil and you will be like God.”  This caused Adam and Eve to start deciding for themselves and become self-serving.  This made human beings make choices based on their own passions.  The years of our lives are no bed of roses.  We all go through life working to pay our taxes and our bills.  We do our best to keep up with the Jones’ and yet, nobody notices.  A highly competitive culture encourages greed and corruption. Our current standard of society is motivated by greed.  Americans spend $8.4 billion/year on cosmetic procedures such as breast implants, liposuction, and face lifts.  The price we pay for a bigger home, nicer automobiles, or vacation is often a more demanding work life.  Some people choose to work harder in order to acquire more “things.”  Working more hours and working harder during those hours can result in greater stress, breakdown in family life, and a decrease in leisure time. Lily Tomlin once said, “If I’d known what it was like to have it all, I would have settled for a lot less.” How much is enough for satisfaction when it comes to money, possessions, sex, or drugs?  Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who can complete us.  It is important to know that the more we talk to God, the more our relationship with Him grows.  The less we talk to Him, we become isolated and self-serving.  God never stops speaking to us.  We can trust Him.  It is amazing on how God loves us all so much, yet we have a tendency to hate others.  If you were to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, you will notice that God never walks away, people do.  God is always with us.  No matter what we have done or said.  He will never let us go.  No matter what we have gone through, He is with us every step of the way. 

Is Jesus Christ Lord of your life?  Lord is defined as “one having power and authority over others: a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due.”  Does that mean that we must obey everything God says in the Bible to be saved?  NO!!!  It means that we obey God because of what He has done for us.  Christianity is not about a religion, a set of rules to follow in order to get to heaven.  Once a person accepts Jesus Christ into their life, they accept a relationship not a religion.  Think of it like this, when a man and a woman are about to get married, they both prepare themselves to look their best for each other.  If either the bride or the groom did not look their best, would they still get married?  Of course, the answer was already given before the wedding. The wedding is simply a testimony of the love a man and a woman have for one another which includes an agreement to be faithful and trustworthy to each other as long as they shall live.  By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, you surrender everything to Him.  “Behold, old things have passed away, I have made a new creation.”  Make Him a part of every choice you make.  Allow a childlike trust.  You will never regret the decision of making Jesus Christ Lord of your life.