I recently went down a dramatic selfish phase where I focused mainly on my own problems. Fortunately, there were a few people who God used to help get me back up and refocus on Christ and His will. God not only used certain individuals in my life, but there were also some excellent songs that went straight to my heart. To paraphrase the various songs to encourage the reader: God hears our silence when our words will not come out. We may see ourselves walking through a heavy storm in life, but within that storm is a still small voice, which is Jesus who is calling out to us saying that everything is okay, He is still in control. We pour out our miseries, the honest cries of a breaking heart, God just hears a melody because we are talking to Him. We are such a beautiful mess. Every failure and trial we endure is done to strengthen us and to become more dependant on Him who provides all that we need. God gave us mountains so that we can learn how to climb. How can I know how great a God You are, and not respond not just in everything I say, but everything I do. Every breath I take, should be to praise You, my life is meant to live for You, to witness to others how wonderful You are. You are the great I AM, the Maker of the heavens, the bright and morning Star, the One who calmed the seas, the Fountain of Living Water, Healer, Author, Perfecter, the Beginning and the End, the Spirit deep inside us, the Word on our hearts, You are where we are, the Lord of lords, King of kings, God our Father!

Heavenly Father,
I give you ALL of my heart, although pieces are broken due to different circumstances of my life, You are able to put them back together and make my heart stronger than it was before. God, You count every tear, You hold on to us when we try letting go, for Your arms are always open by the cross of Jesus Christ, reaching out to us, embracing us with Your love when we throw our tantrums of anger, grief, and impatience. I know that You are all I need, help me to bring me back to You so that You will be all I want. Father, You are love, You created love for us to love You first and foremost. This world deceives greatly the concept of love. It has become too easy to love ourselves, possessions, relationships, and to put all those in place of You. I lay everything down at the foot of the Cross, take my life and make it Yours. For I am not my own but have been bought at a price.

“Be thou my vision O Lord of my heart
Be thou my meditation by day and night.
May it be thou that I behold even in my sleep.
Be thou my speech, be thou my understanding.
Be thou with me, be I with thee
Be thou my father, be I thy child.
Mayst thou be mine, may I be thine.
Be thou my battle-shield, be thou my sword.
Be thou my dignity, be thou my delight.
Be thou my shelter, be thou my stronghold.
Mayst thou raise me up to the company of the angels.
Be thou every good to my body and soul.
Be thou my kingdom in heaven and on earth.
Be thou solely chief love of my heart.
Let there be none other, O high King of Heaven.
Till I am able to pass into thy hands,
My treasure, my beloved through the greatness of thy love
Be thou alone my noble and wondrous estate.
I seek not men nor lifeless wealth.
Be thou the constant guardian of every possession and every life.
For our corrupt desires are dead at the mere sight of thee.
Thy love in my soul and in my heart —
Grant this to me, O King of the seven heavens.
O King of the seven heavens grant me this —
Thy love to be in my heart and in my soul.
With the King of all, with him after victory won by piety,
May I be in the kingdom of heaven O brightness of the son.
Beloved Father, hear, hear my lamentations.
Timely is the cry of woe of this miserable wretch.
O heart of my heart, whatever befall me,
O ruler of all, be thou my vision.”