The commentators of the Holman Christian Standard Bible have contributed the following two paragraphs:

“Nahum summarized the message of his book in his opening statement about the awesome power of God in wrath and judgment. God is good, but His goodness includes both His love for those who place their trust in Him and His justice for those who set themselves against Him. How difficult it is to watch what is happening in the world today! Terrorists seem to strike all over the globe; dictators oppress their people through murder and brute force; wars break out all the time and never seem to fully solve anything. Nahum assures us that none who do evil can expect to escape divine justice. The desire for justice is inborn to the human psyche, so it is encouraging to know that in the end evil will be defeated. Nahum also warns us to be sure that we are among those who seek refuge in God and not among those who fight against Him. Divine judgment is a sword that cannot be deflected by hypocrisy.

Even Christians who are firmly convinced of the authority and inspiration of the Scriptures tend to minimize, or explain away, descriptions of the wrath and vengeance of God such as Nahum presented. While it may not be appropriate to use such passages when first approaching people with a view to persuading them of the truth of the Bible, eventually there comes a time when we cannot avoid the question of how God’s wrath and vengeance are related to His love. Pursuing these connections requires though, courage, and a willingness to come to know God as He is and not as we might wish Him to be. Conversion to the faith of Christ is not simply a matter of “asking Jesus to come into your heart.” It involves repentance, which means, literally, “change of mind.” In other words, becoming a believer involves adopting a new worldview, or perspective on reality. The modern Western worldview has blurred distinctions between right and wrong, and within such a perspective there is no place for the wrath and judgment of God. But when one’s perspective changes, and it becomes evident that God is a moral force to be reckoned with, then it becomes equally apparent that serious consequences ensue for those who attempt to live without regard for His plan for human life.”