“The book of Nehemiah is the second part of the two-part sequel to the books of Chronicles (the other part being the book of Ezra). The book of Nehemiah, which covers the period from 445 B.C. to sometime after 433 B.C., relates the continuing efforts of the Jewish people who returned from 70 years of captivity in the Babylonian Empire to reestablish themselves in their homeland. The principal person in this part of the history is Nehemiah, a Jew who had attained the influential position of cupbearer in the court of the Persian King Artaxerxes. Nehemiah’s principal contribution to the emerging community was the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall, which had been destroyed in 586 B.C. by the Babylonians. The apocryphal text Sirach praises Nehemiah’s successful completion of this task. While the book of Nehemiah can be read independently of the book of Ezra, it probably was not intended to be read in isolation, for it comprises a crucial part of the message begun in the book of Ezra. Some people doubt God’s active involvement in the affairs of people. Nehemiah acknowledged just the opposite. He knew that God was responsible for his success. God’s direct involvement in Nehemiah’s success also serves as a reminder that He had not abandoned His people. His covenant with the nation of Israel is an everlasting covenant. Some have suggested that God is a helpless spectator, unable to prevent misfortune. Nehemiah’s experience reveals a much different God. He reveals that God is a sovereign ruler. People can only do so much. When their plans conflict with God’s plans, He is able and willing to step in to thwart them.”(HCSB)

6:15-16: “The wall was completed in 52 days, on the twenty-fifth day of the month Elul. When all our enemies heard this, all the surrounding nations were intimidated and lost their confidence, for they realized that this task had been accomplished by our God.” We read later on in 8:5-6,10 the peoples gratitude for the completion of Jerusalem’s wall: “Ezra opened the book in full view of all the people, since he was elevated above everyone. As he opened it, all the people stood up. Ezra blessed the LORD, the great God, and with their hands uplifted all the people said, ‘Amen, Amen!’ Then they bowed down and worshiped the LORD with their faces to the ground. Then he said to them, ‘Go and eat what is rich, drink what is sweet, and send portions to those who have nothing prepared, since today is holy to our LORD. Do not grieve, because your strength comes from rejoicing in the LORD.”

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