“Throughout Scripture, the person who truly trusts God is compared to an eagle.  The eagle has some pests, one of which is a crow.  He’s always squaking, always causing the eagle trouble.  The truth is we all have a few crows in our life.  You may have an entire flock of them, along with a few chickens and turkeys, as well!  Certain people can rub us the wrong way; they can irritate us if we allow them.  We need to take a lesson from the eagle instead.  When the eagle is out flying, often a crow will come up right behind him and start to pester him, aggravating and annoying him.  Although the eagle is much larger, it cannot maneuver quickly.  To get rid of his pest, the eagle simply stretches out his eight-foot wingspan and catches some of the thermal currents, and he rises up higher and higher.  Eventually, he gets to an altitude where no other bird can live.  In the same manner, if you want to get rid of your pest, you need to rise higher.  Walk in love and dare to bless even your enemies.  In the long run, crows can’t compete with eagles.  You won’t see an eagle pecking around in the chicken coop with a bunch of chickens.  An eagle lives in high places, where he is close to God.  Moreover, when the storms come, an eagle doesn’t simply go through the storm.  No, he puts his wings out and catches a little more wind and he rises above it.  He’ll rise higher until he’s completely above all turmoil.  That eagle is not concerned about the storm he’s facing.  He doesn’t get upset.  He knows he has a way out.  God has given us His peace.  He’s told us to cast our cares on Him.  He said if we’ll just remain at rest, He will fight our battles for us.  Interestingly, the crow has to flap his wings tenaciously simply to fly.  He has to work constantly.  The chicken can barely get off the ground; no matter how much he flaps his wings, he’s not going far.  Yet an eagle merely catches the right wind currents and he’ll soar.  He doesn’t have to be like the crow, workin and straining all the time.  He just puts his wings out and rests in what God has given him, letting the winds carry him.  God is in complete control of your life.  He said He’d never leave you nor forsake you.  He said He’d be the friend that sticks closer than a brother.”

From Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen