The Bible says we are aliens in a land not our own, sojourners passing through, pilgrims on our way to a destination we haven’t quite reached.  We should look at the things in our lives as temporary pleasures, things for which to be grateful, but things that we can easily leave behind.  Our gaze should be set on our real home, for we are “aliens and strangers on earth” (Hebrews 11:13).  God has prepared a city for us, and it’s nothing like this one.  Sometimes the letting go is hard.  We kick and scream and cry and plead with God to give it back.  Our loved one who died, our good health, our home, our car, our bank account, our comfort.  But sometimes He loves us too much to do that.  Sometimes His will is for us to look toward home, anxiously waiting for that day when we reach the gates of our own city.  That place where all our ultimate comforts lie.  That place where we will be welcomed in like dearly loved children long awaited.