The struggles we experience can lead us down the wrong paths in life.  These struggles have many causes. Everyone has real and intense personal struggles. We wrestle with day to day issues and sometimes feel a real sense of deep despair. We get frustrated and search for answers in all the wrong places. In our desperate search for these answers, we sometimes choose the paths of addiction, sexual immorality and wrong patterns of living. We end up with broken relationships and a vague sense of emptiness. The avenues we take have road blocks, or dead ends, and it seems that the answers we seek are forever allusive, whether they be happiness, or a need for fulfillment, we continue to struggle with these issues. Some of us seek help in all the wrong places. We seek the world’s advice on matters of the soul.  Our souls hunger for truth, but the harsh reality is, we will never find what we seek from this world.  The good news is, there is indeed hope. This hope is found in God’s word. There are biblical principles of living, and that is what we strive to teach.

“I told God I was angry;

I thought He’d be surprised.

I thought I’d kept hostility

Quite cleverly disguised.

I told the Lord I hate Him;

I told Him that I hurt.

I told Him that He isn’t fair;

He’s treated me like dirt.

I told God I was angry,

But I’m the one surprised.

“What I’ve known all along,” He said,

“you’ve finally realized.

“At last you have admitted

what’s really in your heart;

Dishonesty, not anger,

Was keeping us apart.

“Even when you hate Me,

I don’t stop loving you.

Before you can recieve that love,

You must confess what’s true.

“In telling me the anger

you genuinely feel,

it loses power over you

permitting you to heal.”

I told God I was sorry,

And He’s forgiven me.

The truth that I was angry

Had finally set me free.”