From Living on the Ragged Edge by Charles Swindoll

God gives us “the real life” through His Son, Christ. And only through His Son. Please get that straight. That’s the basis of the gospel. That’s why Christ is the preeminent message—not good works, not positive thinking, not good books, not being widely traveled or earning a good education (as fine as all those things may be). Christ, and Christ alone, will give you the life of God, and He’s from outside this galaxy. He’s not within it…

Life from God is supernatural power now—not a vague force limited to a long time ago. You know, the greatest evidence of power is change. Take a trip to Hoover Dam and look at that massive amount of water; it’s really impressive. But you don’t say, “My! Look at that power.” What you see is not the greatest evidence of power. That’s just water going over a dam. If you want to see the evidence of power at Hoover Dam, you need to drive to a residential section in a nearby city that draws its source of electricity from the dam…walk into a darkened room in the middle of the night and flip on the light. In one simple “click” you’ve got the greatest evidence of the power at that massive dam. It’s able to change darkness into light. It’s able to transform a cold house into a warm home.

Now, the wonderful news is that God dispenses His supernatural power to anyone who says, “I want it.” It doesn’t cost you a thing. You don’t have to see a film. You don’t have to visit a territory of the country. There are no Meccas. You don’t have to read a series of books. You don’t have to be on probation for a year and a half. You don’t have to keep going to church to earn your way in. You don’t have to pray a whole lot…Whether you’re the richest of the rich, the poorest of the poor, or anywhere between, all you have to do is take a gift. And the gift is the power of God, through faith in His Son.