By Thomas D Williams

“Following Christ’s example means adopting his moral framework.  The structure or dynamic of Christ’s moral life provides a model for his disciples.  How did Jesus go about making choices?  What was his scale of values?  When he woke up in the morning, how did he decide what to do that day?  What seems to stand out most is Christ’s awareness that the Father had a plan for him, that he had received a mission that he was called to carry out.  The Father’s will furnished a stable point of reference for his decisions, and his overriding desire was to please the Father in all things.  Often in the Gospels Jesus made reference to his mission, what he was sent to do, and why he was on earth.  Rather than ask himself what he felt like doing, Jesus asked what the Father wanted from him.  Imitating Christ, then, means more than imitating his actions and extends to his way of thinking, his words, his reactions, his feelings, his perspectives on persons and events, all summed up in Paul’s packed expression: ‘Put on the Lord Jesus Christ’ (Romans 13:14).  His attitudes, his criteria, his way of accepting humiliation, of dealing with his Father, of forgiving offenses become a pattern of life for us.  The imitation of Christ encompasses all the dimensions of our personalities and all the elements of our lives.  A heart like his, a mind like his, standards like his, feelings like his, thoughts like his: these are the path to true humanity.”