By Jay Adams

“Christian, you are at war!  You have been so since the day you were born.  The war is being fought on a number of fronts.  It has cosmic dimensions, hinted at in Daniel and other places and is fought on two levels in this earth.  It is the battles at these two levels—one outward, the other inward.  Every Christian, no matter how humble or simple, is involved in the war at both levels.  While the outer battle is vital and pressing, it cannot be fought as it should be unless the Christian is successfully winning the war within.  The war within is fought invisibly in the depths of one’s soul—where no one else can see or fully understand all its dimensions. It is a war that no Christian may escape and one that every Christian must fight.  You are in a battle every day if you know Christ as your Savior.  No one else can fight your battles for you.  Whatever your problems, you may be sure that it has inner implications.  And, it is there—within your innermost being—that battles ultimately are won or lost.  The Word of God has been written to tell you in no uncertain terms that there is a way to victory.”