Each of us is put in place for a particular time in particular circumstances and prepared in a particular way, not knowing what God will need us for.  Some of us have experienced tragedies and crises with no answers from God about why he would drag us through such pain, only to find that it qualified us uniquely to do some mighty work of God when the time of someone else’s crisis came.  And that’s how the body of Christ works.  When we face our own disasters, there will be people there for us.  Because when Christendom is really working, that’s what it looks like.

I pray that I will not whine when God strengthens me through trials, and that I will let him prepare me for what lays ahead—those things for which he made me.  Those times when I can be Christ to someone who may never have met him and show them the love of the Savior who can lift their burdens.  And I pray that when that time does come, I’ll see the blessing in that crisis, and it won’t be wasted on me.