At the end of Matthew 15:31, it says “They praised the God of Israel.”  I feel more certain of what they didn’t do than of what they did do.  I feel confident that they didn’t make any robes. I feel confident that they didn’t sit in rows and stare at the back of each other’s heads.  I doubt seriously if they wrote a creed on how they were to praise this God they had never before worshiped.  I can’t picture them getting into an argument over technicalities.  I doubt if they felt it had to be done indoors.  And I know they didn’t wait until the Sabbath to do it.  I can imagine throngs of people pushing and shoving.  Wanting to get close.  Not to request anything or demand anything, but just to say “thank you.”  Worship is the “thank you” that refuses to be silenced.  We have tried to make science out of worship.  We can’t do that.  We can’t do that any more than we can “sell love” or “negotiate peace.”  Worship is a voluntary act of gratitude offered by the saved to the Savior, by the healed to the Healer, and by the delivered to the Deliverer.