By Leonard Goss

The English word “occult” comes from the Latin “occultus,” which means things that are hidden, esoteric, concealed, or mysterious. For occult practitioners, the occult represents interference with physical nature by using hidden knowledge (gnosis), such as non-conventional practices including reciting formulas, making gestures, mixing incompatible elements, performing healing spells, or performing secret ceremonies attempting to alter physical nature.  What is hidden knowledge?  According to occultists, it is the force at the base of the universe, and it is obtained only through secret communication with that force.  Is this hidden force God?  Or the devil?  Or the soul of the universe? That depends a good deal on what particular source their gnosis has tapped into, but one thing the force is not:  It is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…..

For those dabbling in the occult, such activities are considered harmless and fascinating—a real source of spiritual knowledge. For Christians, however, the wide range of practices making up the occult is destructive and spirit-threatening.  Christians view as deeply evil things like alchemy, astrology, casting runes, crystals and crystal balls, divination, dowsing, ESP, fortune-telling, horoscopes, the I Ching, levitation, Ouija boards, paganism, palm reading, the paranormal, pendulum divination, psychic phenomena, reading Tarot Cards, ritual abuse, Satanism, séances, secret societies, sorcery, spiritualism, talking to dead spirits, Wicca (so-called White Witchcraft) and Witchcraft (Black Magic.)  The extent of occult involvement is universal.  Spiritual warfare is all around us, and if Satan cannot keep us from knowing Christ he will try containing us by drawing us into deception.  The Enemy is a deceiver, liar, tempter, and devourer of human souls…..

Why the interest in the occult?  First, many churches have “watered down” the gospel of Christ, rejecting the church’s central teaching of Christ’s divinity and other essential truths.  When this happens, a spiritual vacuum invites people to go to the occult to be satisfied, swinging the door to occultist practices wide open. Second, there is a certain mystery about the occult which appeals to our curiosity.  Many, thinking the occult is harmless, go deeper and deeper until they can’t get out without any bad effects.  Third, we all want ultimate answers to life’s basic questions, and the occult offers a sort of “reality” by providing these answers. Actually, occultists practices are a counterfeit of God’s power, and as such they do reveal some amazing things—but these things are not the ultimate truth.  Fourth, an increase in demonic activity is to be expected as a sign of the end times.

Often, there is a deliberate faking in the lucrative field of the occult.  There is money to be made.  There is also inaccurate reporting.  When some people find a theory fascinating, they often care less about the facts.  In addition, there is self manipulation. When it suits their wishes, some believe anything they want. There is, however, true demonic deception.  The Bible teaches that there is a deceptive, dangerous spirit world which distorts reality and ruins human lives.  Despite outright fraud, all Christians need to know that the occult or paranormal is real.  The Bible is clear it is real, as Saul discovered upon meeting the medium of Endor in 1 Samuel 28, and we must not dismiss it.  If God is real, his chief adversary is also real.

First John 3:8 says, “The one who commits sin is of the Devil, for the Devil has sinned from the beginning.  The Son of God has revealed for this purpose: to destroy the Devil’s works.” Involvement in the occult is involvement in the devil’s works, and as it can lead to very serious outcomes spiritually and psychologically, we must remember that the Bible denounces all occultic practices.  The road to the occult is broad and always destructive.  The way of Christ is narrow but always leads to eternal life.